Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ahlivv girls

I know the excited designer with the new upstart company ahlivv.com and she is so excited I had to share it and make them one of my SPONSOR. Keep it up Ang.

ahlivv Poolside Party from ahlivv on Vimeo.

I want to introduce an incredible company I am very excited to be apart of called ahlivv. I'll take just a minute to share it with all of you and hope you can help me spread the word. It's an up and coming boardsport company (snowboard, skate, surf). We carry only women's clothing, gear and apparel. Remember if you, those you may be purchasing for, or spreading the word to, etc. don't actually participate in any of these sports that plenty ok, I guaruntee you will still find something you love.We use the term boardsport as a way of life. It's not only a sport, but a style and a trend. The concept is amazing and something I want to promote and be proud of. Inspired by the two sides: the ahlivv lifestyle and a girl with the old-fashioned name Olive. The ahlivv name (pronounced ah'live or ol'ive) is one part shopping (the ah... shopping experience) and one part life (the livv...community); add progressive fashion and roots in action (sports, that is) and the result is one heck of a shop with the best brands and products available for that ah - livv lifestyle.

First, a disclaimer to address, the subtle ahlivv girl difference. In fact, ahlivv girls are women. The ahlivv girl is really not a "girl" at all. However, we use the term "girl" liberally to reflect the ahlivv girl's youthful enthusiasm no matter her age. Whether 20, 30 or somewhere over 40, the ahlivv girl lives life to the fullest and doesn't let a little number get in the way of her passion for fashion and love of sports.

The ahlivv girl is unique. She is a trendsetter. She loves fashion and trends. She is sophisticated, but bold. She is an adventurer. She loves snow. She loves surf. She loves concrete. She loves shopping (let's just face it, all girls do). And she is real.

I know Ang well enough to know that she is a genuine angel. I wish her venture tremendous success.

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