Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Video from Ana Egge: Storm Comin'

From Guest Correspondent Heather of

Ana Egge's 6th album came out a couple months ago. It's called Road to My Love and this is the first video from it, for the song Storm Comin'. The video is directed by Noah Mayers:

I love the puppet! And the song! :D

Find out more about Ana on her website. Her impressive bio includes a quote from Lucinda Williams describing Ana as a "folk Nina Simone."


  1. Wow... great video, great talent... 6 cds and I never heard of her... just goes to show us all that we should keep looking.


  2. Totally Dave! I'm always a little saddened by the people who get stuck listening to the same albums they liked as teens. Not that they should stop listening to music they love, just that there is so much room to expand their tastes and grow their collection. Otherwise you miss out on such good stuff!

  3. She IS a folk Ninja!