Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Molly Marlette

Sharing time again... who is this girl? She's pretty good...

Molly Marlette is the singer-songwriter from Southern California that has everyone talking and everyone listening at the same time. Her debut EP, The Allumette, is a glowing mix of stripped down, sensual pop and delicate quirkiness. At times moody, at others cheery, her songs are consistently delightful and sung with a voice so pure and sweet that draws you in from the first line and doesn't let go. The album got its name from the French word for "matchstick" for a few reasons, among which was the idea of igniting something. It has certainly ignited Molly's career and established her as a force to be reckoned with in music. It is clearly just the beginning for this talented songwriter and vocalist, and doubtlessly more greatness lies ahead.

Here's the liner notes... the free song link didn't work anymore...

Porchisode number 2! Another homemade video from the porch. This particular video isn't as serious as the song.

Lyrics: The music's playing with my head
That old song reminds me of what you said
That something's missing if you could guess
Behind my smile and my very best dress

I sang to you
You said I used to sing a happier tune

I look up at trees that climb
Into an empty sky
Missing the stars we're supposed to find
It's never been enough
To fix this living in a city
Where smog is so thick I didn't get enough light
From the sun

The air was cold
And it didn't help to know
You wouldn't be there
When I got home

I didn't sleep last night
I got to thinkin when it got too quiet
So I picked up the phone
And suddenly I didn't feel so alone

You said keep your head up
Try looking down on the sky up above
Maybe it's all turned aroung
Well last night I tried that
I found the star we always look at
I've never seen it here before

I'm scared I've lost touch or feeling
I haven't felt that much
I've been lost in a haze
Or the sun isn't very bright today
It hasn't been out for days

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