Sunday, June 21, 2009

How's the world treating you...

Star Maker runs a pretty cool blog, and it's in my right hand bar of Shout out sites. This week's theme is Cry, Cry, Cry. I think my week is going to be finally a little more relaxed so I think I'll follow all the songs. It made me think of a song that didn't have the word cry in it, but the loneliness that Allison Krause and James Taylor had in their voices and the great video made me run out a few years back and run out and buy the CD. Now this was a weird circumstance I even saw it in the first place. I never watch CMT, but in a rare need to put something on while I fold the clothes on a Saturday morning... I flipped it on to see this video... wow what a great video and what a great cover of a Louvin Bros./Chet Atkins song. Now you can say you saw it on the Zemmy Show.

Of course they did another one where the quality is also top notch... watch for Allison's air fiddle.

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