Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love's been good to me - lyrics and chords

When I went to look for the chords and the lyrics of this song, first they put in more than you need and second most put in a verse about a Denver girl and leave out the Houston verse.  Frankly I've never heard Rod sing the Denver version, so here are the words and chords in the video above:

A                    Bm   E                        A
I have been a rover I have walked alone
                               Bm         E                   A       F#m
Hiked a hundred highways never found a home
                          C#m  D                         Dm
Still in all I'm happy the reason is you see
A                Bm       D         Dm   A                E         A
Once in a while along the way love's been good to me

                     Bm        E           Bm           E          A   F#m
There was a girl in Portland before the winter chill
                                 C#m    D                     E
We used to go out courtin' along October Hill
                   A                      F#m            D                    Dm
She could laugh away the dark clouds cry away the snow
A                 Bm   D      Dm   A          E       A
Seems like only yesterday down the road I go


                     Bm        E          Bm                    E          A   F#m
There was a girl in Houston out where the hot winds blow
                           C#m    D                     E
Why I had to leave her God Almighty knows
                   A                      F#m       D                    Dm
She could take the long hot summer cool it with a sigh
A                     Bm      D      Dm                A          E             A
Words have no more wisdom when it's time to say goodbye

written by Rod McKuen release on a Frank Sinatra LP "A Man Alone" (c) 1969 Almo Music

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