Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm unelectable...

We are back on the cliff overlooking another race of hugely paid for politicians bantering about how their side has all the answers... to that I say "Phhhhhtttt"

In most cases the answers are compromise and finding solutions that work within our government and bylaws.  Here is my platform that will never get me elected...

I am unelectable:

1)   I’d raise income tax rates gradually back to 25% of Pre-Reagan days.  Let’s not get crazy, but the wealthy have been living in luxury on the rates that have dropped dramatically.  I would reduce their taxes in other places, because taxes are best when they are targeted to influence behavior.  What is a child credit or a donation credit to your church if not influencing behavior?
2)   I’d TRIPLE the corporate tax deduction on the bottom 80% of their workers pay.  In other words giving them an enormous tax credit on wages for all non-executive salaries and wages. Hire more people in the US please.  If you import, think of a domestic model fast.  Funded only if we do number 1).
3)   I’d bring up Minimum wage gradually to $12.50 / hr. but only if 2) was enacted. 
4)   For every $15.00 of Welfare, I would impose a requirement of an hour of work at either a government, non-profit, or God willing a church.  Reported monthly, if they don’t comply the Welfare is deferred until the put the time in an accredited.  Physical handicaps deferments would need to be approved by Goodwill.  If they can’t find a spot for them, I’ll be amazed.  If they can’t find a job, governments should start cleaning up streets and building new parks like they did during the New Deal era.  
5)   I would sanction government sponsored daycare facilities or a credit that they have to pay with more hours at a rate of $7.50. Hey it’s a tough life being a single parent so we should help, but it’s no excuse.  Guess what... one of the jobs available for #4 is #5, but they need training.
6)   Dump Obamacare, and adopt Medicare for anyone but rate based on need.  For all the Conservative banter on this, their 401k are loving every minute of it if they have Insurance companies in their mix; and the Accountants are making a killing on it trying to describe it.  Simpler and Medicare is a program that actually works.
7)   Put in the pipeline, we need a disaster to make any decent policies and we haven’t had a good oil spill that we haven’t been able to clean up. 
8)   Modernize a few good nuclear plants, or better yet build on one of our missile silos that we’re neglecting, cheapest energy and least amount of carbon issues. 
9)   Legalize marijuana; we need the tax revenue; and we could free up a lot of prison costs.  Imprison any one shooting some one else; let’s keep this place safe.  You want to own an Uzi, fine just don’t shoot someone with it.
10)                   Allow Cities and States to charge a rate up to 25% of property tax allotments to non-profit organizations for services rendered.  Yes this might be a hardship to some, but it needs to be voted on locally.  There are many exploiting this loophole and no one wants to talk about it because it’s in Southern states that could affect their electability.

That’s enough… pretty sure I alienated enough sacred cows not to get me elected, but boy this would change America for the good.

For those of you who ran into this blog thinking that this was a music blog... think of this as satire.

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