Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kelley McRae

Here's to artists that you don't meet, but almost did.  I believe it was the night I had to finish my annual plan for work when I saw some one had a rare Sunday gig at my favorite La Crosse coffeehouse, The Root Note.  That's when I decided why not listen to her music, and quickly fell in love with her writing and voice, I highly recommend and introduce you to Kelley McRae.  I did find this article when I was researching her (yes while I was simultaneously working on a great annual plan), by CMT and as Johnny would tell you, that you can always trust Nashville.  HA.  So I went to iTunes and feasted on a few songs; and you should too.

and Her Johnny Cash tribute song:

Who knows maybe we'll book her to the fest or my house concert, but I'd be happy if she makes her way back to the Root Note.

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