Saturday, May 11, 2013

Samsel and the Skirt

Samsel & the Skirt got me this morning... one of those "Sponsored" links in FaceBook.. well it was money well spent... they found themselves a new fan.  Here's what they had to say about their video:

Friday video!! Our good friend Jared Lichtenburg (who doubles as an amazing film maker) Shot this video for us. We wanted to do a tribute to my grampa Terry so we found this Mississippi esk field, stuck a mic in the grass and sang some blues. Hope you like it!

And here's how their website described them... curious how Kelsey picked up the knickname of "The Skirt"... looks like a fun couple to hang with too.

Samsel and The Skirt officially became a band in early 2011, but Cary and Kelsey have been a singing duo in the Portland live music scene for the past few years, playing anywhere from coffee shops to The Cascade Blues Festival.  Ranging from a duo to a 5 piece band they play anywhere they can.
Recently releasing their first EP was a long awaited goal. Now with one under their belt they have already started on their next. Samsel And The Skirt are excited for the future of their music and lives, seeing as Cary and Kelsey recently got married it looks like they are in it for the long haul.
More music to come!!
 Cary Samsel grew up in Portland, Oregon, sitting on his back porch listening to world class R&B singers rehearse in his dad’s home studio. Cary became completely infatuated with guitar at 15, eating many meals with a spoon in one hand and a guitar in the other.After playing professionally, backing up many artists touring, recording and writing, Cary met singer Kelsey Easterbrooks and started working on his/their own musical path.
Kelsey Easterbrooks
Kelsey Easterbrooks grew up living in Boring, Oregon, when she wasn’t traveling the world learning about other cultures and making lifelong friends. She began her singing career helping lead worship for her church and writing songs with her friends for fun.
At 18, Kelsey started singing professionally after finding a musical bond in Cary Samsel. They started writing musical conversations and haven’t looked back.
After returning from a 3 month stay in Africa, Kelsey has an ever changing outlook on life, providing her with many songs to sing.

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