Thursday, September 24, 2009

Song School?

Each August, songwriters from around the country join together for an in-depth, hands-on exploration of songwriting. We connect to the creative source of music and to each other. Participants create, hone and share their songs during a week that provides a safe and nurturing environment.

Final sing at the 2009 Song School
Our faculty includes internationally known songwriters, actors, music professionals, and songwriting peers who share their expertise on the art, craft and business of songwriting. Past instructors have included Josh Ritter, Melissa Ferrick, Peter Himmelman, Darrell Scott, Mary Gauthier, Zoe Lewis, Catie Curtis, Pat Pattison, Vance Gilbert, Steve Seskin, and many others.

Sound interesting? Heather put me on to this... she must think you can teach old dogs new tricks... well I am a very good dancer too. HA..

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  1. Right on Dave! It really is totally amazing, and all ages! I'm sure you'd have a total blast!!!