Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Killing the blues

Now... is this the appropriate time to say while I do also dearly love Allison Krause (yes she might have started this deep love affair with woman fiddle players) but I really thought the Plant/Krause was totally overated... now I did like their cover of Killing the Blues, and of course I'm starting to learn more about Phoebe Hunt of the Belleville Outfit and I run into this video from Merle Fest. Wow.... I got to get there some day. (Merlefest I mean... yes I do have this deep infactuation though with Phoebe though)

I guess Barefoot is the headliner in the video... say what? Ha.--- I needed to update this blog post because I was sure that they meant Barefoot Movement, but they didn't exist in 2009.  My research concluded that this is BEARfoot in the video.

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