Sunday, December 5, 2010

For The Death Of Me

It is upon the thought of my demise
that I wonder if the memory of me
shall wake into tomorrow’s sunrise
or will I fade into the distant echoes
of what once was, barely to be recognized.

All I hope is the flowers laid down upon
my life will stay fresh and beautiful
in the hearts of those who knew me true.
I want each rose to be a symbol of my love;
each tulip sprouting anew, a recognition
of my constant growth. I want each
Lilly to be the fragrance of my heart
as each daffodil will enrich the soil
of my being.

But perhaps if those flowers shall
be just a faded mark of my existence,
I will still have been a presence in the eyes
of those who have admired and even
in those who may have less desired.

So for the death of me I do not scare
for to truly live life is not to fear
as through all glimpses of my memory
I will always be here.

© 2009
Tarringo T Vaughan

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